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Slow Pete’s Badass 70ies Jamaican Record Label Guide

Slow Pete’s Badass 70ies Jamaican Record Label Guide takes you on a mystical jouney into the world of Jamaican Record labels. On 165 pages you will find information on the 165 record labels from Jamaica, which have predominantly been active in the 70ies, however there are also a few depicted and discussed from the 60ies. Besides the pictures of the labels you will find some hard facts on their years active, the producer of the label or how many records have aproximatly been released through the label. Some icons on each page guides you through the book, giving you addional informations on the labels. Ultimately some personal notes from Slow Pete on each of the labels have been added to the page. This book is supposed to be an inspiration for music lovers, vinyl diggers, DJs and soundboys who have an appreciation for Jamaican music of the golden era.

The book is published through the superfine Oi Jazz publishing house. Order at your local book dealer (ISBN: 978-3-9817019-7-5), at the printing house (Blurb, recommended for UK) or directly through me:
b a d a s s @ t h e t a r e c o r d s . d e

Here is a promotion mix, featuring some of my favorite records depicted in the book:

On The Move #118 – Shades Of Purple

Paternoster – Blind Children
Morgan – Purple
Paternoster – Realization
Cadenas – Nino Solidario
JJ Whitefield – White Queen
Highdelberg – Süße Drops & Saurer Wein
Alekander Korostinski – Bones Of God
Baba Yaga – Fly High
Group Modular – Ad Astra
The Paragons – Abba
King Khan & The Shrines – Born To Die
Fortune Teller – Couldn’t Run Away From Love
King Khan & The Shrines – Bite My Tongue
Jodie – Pushover
Lucille Mathis – I’m Not Your Regular Woman
Jodie – Threads

On The Move #117 – Eazyness

Mauskovic Dance Band – Slow Crack
Paolo Ormi – For Please
The Strawberry Alarm Clock – Three
Dabeull – Touch
Crystal – Funky Biguine
Project Gemini – Path Through The Forest –
Misha Panfiou Sound Combo – Gin Tonic
Lou Courtney – Joyce (Edit)
WhatItDo – Steve’s Romp
The Aarhus Jazz Orchestra feat. Kahala – Laga Luga
The Soul Surfers & Shawn Lee – Wait a Minute
Kalapana – Freedom
Kalapana – What I Do
Kalapana – All I Want
Kalapana – Everything Is Love
Kalapana – Black Sand

Vinyl Cipher #01 – Out Now

Featuring: rediscovered records, 45-Selection, Hot Shit: tracklist recommendations, gear for the modern DJ, artist of the month and ultimately also some text.
The mag is for free and can be found in selectet stores and venues.

On The Move #116 – World On My Shoulders

DEB Players – Tonight
The Gaylads – Africa
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Rude Boy
Jackie Opel – The Mill Man
Lee Perry – Open Up (aka Cook Book)
The Regals – Shammy Back
Ansel Collins & Skin, Flesh & Bones – Spanish Town Road
Kapelle So & So feat. Captain Yossarian – I Shot The Sherrif
The Three Tops – It’s Raining
Slim Smith – Turning Point
Lloyd & Glen – That Girl
Mad Lads – Ten To One
Nana McLean – Until I Kiss You
Junior Mervin – Cool Out Son
John Holt – Can’t Get You Off My Mind
Sheila Hylton – Lot of Love
Jeff Dread – Dub The Farmer’s Daughter
Jahtari – Loose In Space
The Rass-es Band – Interstellar Overdub

Teenage Dance Party #113

PorkFour – Specular Reflections
Lexy – Locked In
Karl Marx Stadt – Crap Shot
Nuuk – A Hike To Nasaasaaq
Meier & Erdmann – Strom
Leise Im Kran – Zwickau Cybernetics
Mesak – Collapsing feat. ChaCha
Max Maxwell – Hikikomori’s Theme
Karsten Pflum – Red Roof
Memory 9 – Wusang Dub
Suub – Gaussian Swagger
Istari Lastafahrer – Pain
Meier & Erdmann – Nosferatu Metropolitan
Karsten Pflum – Jazkroge I
Ibunshi – Shadowborn
Mesak – Alphaville
Desmond Denker – Nothing for Uneasy
PorkFour – Tork
Karl Marx Stadt – Dockie 1B
Leise Im Kran – Döbeln Nord

On The Move #115 – Dimension X

Wayne Shorter – Footprints
Ronnie Foster – Mystic Brew
Michael White – Ebony Plaza
Esa Pethman – The Flame
Alabe Ketujazz – Ijexa Gnawa
Guerrinha – Adulto Na Cicade Grande
Guerrinha – Galeria Obsoleta
Monty Alexander – Yellow Bird
Amanda Whiting – Little Sunflower
The Tropicals – Girl From Morococah
Costa Blanca – Viaje A Prantia

On The Move #114 – Zeitgeist Sidetrack

Brief Encounter – Human
Maya Killtron – Out Of My Life
10th Street – Livin In New York City
Francisco & Malkuth – Night of The Creeps
Joker – American
Corail – Karurera C’est Comme Ca
Ghia – Flowerplay
Yuki Toriyama – Bay/Sky Provincetown
Tonino Balsamo – Sta Guagliona
Ethimm – Choices (Fuga Ronto RMX)
Lexx feat. Woolfy – Too Hot
Ghia – Jump In The Water
Sueno Latino – Sueno Latino
Chris – San Francisco Night
Maya Killtron – Night Moves

Teenage Dance Party #112

J Dilla / Suite For Ma Dukes (De la Soul) – Stakes Is High
De La Soul – Ring Ring Ring
J Dilla / Suite For Ma Dukes – Antiquity
Evidence – All of that said
Jodie – Pushover
Lucille Mathis – I’m Not Your Regular Woman
Jodie – Threads
Midnights Runners – Fantasy Touch
Dam-Funk – Electric Breeze
Rocksteady Crew – Hey You
&Me, Rampa & Adam Port feat. Nomi Ruiz- Pussy Power
&Me, Rampa & Adam Port feat. Bell & Towers – Pay To Play
Koreless – Yonder
Koreless – Black Rainbow
Pantha Du Prince – Asha
Pole – Wurzeldub
Kode 9 – Black Smoke
Pinch & Shackleton – Torn & Submerged
Burial – Endorphine
Dj Crisps – Sweet Melodies
Justin Jay – Swarm

On The Move #113 – Cosmo-Orgasmic Excursions

Leviot – Night Hunt
Spiritczualic Enhancement Center – Want Him To Hear That
Paolo Modugno – Morte Di Soundjata Keita
Mansur – Yaga
Y Bülbül – Thee Aviary Breyers
Berrocal, Fenech, Epplay – Das Leben
Komatsubara, Matsutake, Imato – Edo pt.2

Teenage Dance Party #111

Against All Logic – This Old House Is All I Have
Joy Orbison – Swag
Nicky Soft Touch – Lonely City Cut 3
Justin Jay – Hypnotized
Mungo’s Hi-Fi – Dubplate fi dem
Mungo’s Hi-Fi – Rock Inna Dancehall
Disrupt – Citadel Station
Froid Dub – Iguana Style
Jayme Silk – Jack Johnson
Justin Jay – I Know
Against All Logic – Rave On You
Boxcutter – Tauhid
The Bug – Fatmac
Filastine – Gendjer2
Gold Panda – Plastic Future
Joy Orbison – Runnersz
Gold Panda – The Corner
Hidden Operator – Sneaking Around
High Tone – Glowing Fire