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Slow Pete’s Badass 70ies Jamaican Record Label Guide

Slow Pete’s Badass 70ies Jamaican Record Label Guide takes you on a mystical jouney into the world of Jamaican Record labels. On 165 pages you will find information on the 165 record labels from Jamaica, which have predominantly been active in the 70ies, however there are also a few depicted and discussed from the 60ies. Besides the pictures of the labels you will find some hard facts on their years active, the producer of the label or how many records have aproximatly been released through the label. Some icons on each page guides you through the book, giving you addional informations on the labels. Ultimately some personal notes from Slow Pete on each of the labels have been added to the page. This book is supposed to be an inspiration for music lovers, vinyl diggers, DJs and soundboys who have an appreciation for Jamaican music of the golden era.

The book is published through the superfine Oi Jazz publishing house. Order at your local book dealer (ISBN: 978-3-9817019-7-5), at the printing house (Blurb, recommended for UK) or directly through me:
b a d a s s @ t h e t a r e c o r d s . d e

Here is a promotion mix, featuring some of my favorite records depicted in the book:

On The Move #123 Sticks & Kicks

Muriel Grossmann – Transience
King Khan – Silver Of Silver
Nexus – Walking Across The Lifetime
Rebecca Vasmant – Internal Dispute
Indigo Jam Unit – Time
Isach Skeidsvoll – Dance To Summon
Donald Byrd – Places & Spaces
Matias Pizarro – Nordeste

On The Move #122 – Galaxy Glide

Deceptikon – Almond Groves
Fat Freddys Drop – Flashback (Jazzanovas Mashed Bag)
Clear Path Ensemble – Revolutions
Jackson Conti – Sao Paulo Nights
Mariko Katsuragi – Seaside Highway
Il Cocodrillo – Sabato Italiano
Azzurro 80 – Notte Inchiesta
Tomoko Soryo – Say Who
Yasuko Agawa – L.A. Night
Ghia – Angel On My Shoulder
Zackey Force Funk & XL Middleton – Don’t Be Late
Rupa – Disco Jazz
L’Altro Dio – Titoli
Mistura Pura – Love is Full of Colours

On The Move #121 – Square Dips

Roge – Pra Vida
Fabiano Do Nascimento & Itibere Zwarg Collective – Strings for My Guitar
Fabiano Do Nascimento – Fonte
Jose Mauro – A Viagem Das Horas
Pedro Ricardo & Damian Botigue – Atlántico
Lance Ferguson – Voo Sobre O Horizonte
Alex Figuera – Silky
Larry Manteca – Ufo Bosso
Golden Boys – Segura Na Cintura Dela
Jorgeinho Telles – Brasileiro
Nana – Nelson Angelo – Novelli – Toshiro
As Meninas – Redondo Sambao
Ela – Menina Dos Ohlos Azuis
Jose Mauro – Morango Encantado
Ela – Batuque
Brazilian Boys – Super Herois
Rosanna & Zelia – Extra

On The Move #120 – Vanity Searchin’

The Dynamites – YGTL
Ronnie Frazzle – Doom Session (MF Doom vs. Roots Manuva)
Restless Leg Syndrome – Hammasichanimmada
Survivor – Jstar Edit
Chelsea Wilson – Hit Em Like Ali
Black Precious Colour – Shuggy Edit
Jimmy Hicks – Mr . Big Stuff
JVC Force – Strong Island (Smoove Boogie Edit)
Smut Peddlers feat Eon & Cage – On By One
De La Soul – Stakes Is High (Dilla Remix)
Dooley-O – Death Blow
Dialates Peoples – The Platform
Brand Nubian – Slow Down
LoopHeavy – Questions Feat. RS
Obliv – Much Given
Open Mike Eagle – Vanity Searchin’
Ozoyo – Astro Boy

Teenage Dance Party #116

DJ Buzz & Waxolutionists – Midnight Sun
Tes – New New York
True Headz – Status
Aphroe – Ruhrpott State of Mind
Chrimson Alchemist – Lifestyle (Donut Mix)
Bush Babees – Remember We (Shin-Ski Edit)
Souls of Mischief – 93 till infinity
Common – Say Peace feat. Black Thought & PJ
Foxy Brown feat. Havoc – Promise
Foxy Brown feat. Jay Z – I’ll Be
EPMD – Last Man Standing
Nice-Up! / Skee-Lo – Jah-Wish Edit
DJ Shepdog / Black Grass ‎– Dare Man / Show Me Dub
Ronny Trettmann – Gute Alte Zeit
Gabi Annicette – Hau schon ab
EPMD – Richter Scale
Edo G – Never To Late to Correct Mistakes
Chima Ede – Jigidem feat. Musa
Warrior Queen – Things Change
Schlachthof Bronx – Dickie Riddim ft. Warrior Queen
John Wayne – Call The Police
Bakey – 1002

On The Move #119 – African Disco Bouzuki Alarm

Noori & His Dorpa Band – Qwal
Florence Adooni – Mam Pe’ela Su’ure
Addis Ababa Band – Zion
Mamman Sani – Cy Da Dy
Nkono Teles – Party Beats
King Wellington – Shango
Flammer Dance Band – Familien
John Ozila – Funky Boogie (12“ Version)
Vassilis Vassiliadis – Tsiftetelli
Vagelis Perminiadis – Ego Den Eimai San Tous Beatles
Katy Grey – Dos Mou Tin Kardia Mou Piso
Sofia Kollitiri – Ego Pono Ki Esy Gelas
Fairouz – Al Bostah

The Teenage Dance Party #115 – Eugenia

Sonya Spence – Peace & Unity
Nora Dean – Ay Ay Ay
Baba Leslie – Revolution
Lee Perry Bathroom Scank
Koffee – Toast (Smile Davis Edit)
Spanish Town Skabeats – Stop That Train
Rico Rodriquez – Rico Special
Ethnique Punch – Fasih
Kutiman Feat. Melike Şahin – Sakla Beni
Azu Tiwaline – Luz Azul
Rockers Hi-Fi – Hello Everybody (Euphonic Version)
DJ Doraemon- Agora Geralmente feat. Rb-Fox
The Souvenirs – Bush Lark Ritual
Seyoum Gebreyes & Wallias Band – Muziqa Muziqa
Dubkasm – Go Deh Drummie
Dubkasm – Magnum

On The Move #118 – Shades Of Purple

Paternoster – Blind Children
Morgan – Purple
Paternoster – Realization
Cadenas – Nino Solidario
JJ Whitefield – White Queen
Highdelberg – Süße Drops & Saurer Wein
Alekander Korostinski – Bones Of God
Baba Yaga – Fly High
Group Modular – Ad Astra
The Paragons – Abba
King Khan & The Shrines – Born To Die
Fortune Teller – Couldn’t Run Away From Love
King Khan & The Shrines – Bite My Tongue
Jodie – Pushover
Lucille Mathis – I’m Not Your Regular Woman
Jodie – Threads

On The Move #117 – Eazyness

Mauskovic Dance Band – Slow Crack
Paolo Ormi – For Please
The Strawberry Alarm Clock – Three
Dabeull – Touch
Crystal – Funky Biguine
Project Gemini – Path Through The Forest –
Misha Panfiou Sound Combo – Gin Tonic
Lou Courtney – Joyce (Edit)
WhatItDo – Steve’s Romp
The Aarhus Jazz Orchestra feat. Kahala – Laga Luga
The Soul Surfers & Shawn Lee – Wait a Minute
Kalapana – Freedom
Kalapana – What I Do
Kalapana – All I Want
Kalapana – Everything Is Love
Kalapana – Black Sand

Vinyl Cipher #01 – Out Now

Featuring: rediscovered records, 45-Selection, Hot Shit: tracklist recommendations, gear for the modern DJ, artist of the month and ultimately also some text.
The mag is for free and can be found in selectet stores and venues.