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On The Move Vol.7 – Too Much Sake

Nathan Davis Sextett – Makatuka
Vijay Iyer Sextett – For Amiri Baraka
Fats Navarro – Double Talk
Horace Silver Quintet – To Much Sake
John Gary Williams – The Whole Damn World Is Going Crazy
Charlene & The Soul Serenaders – Can You Win
The Montclairs – Hey You, Don’t Fight It
Misha Panfilov – Öueuni
Augustus Pablo – Rockers Mood
Johnny Clarke – Legalize It
Max Romeo – War In A Babylon
The Gladiators – Bongo Red
Bongo Hermann – In The Ghetto
Matteo meets Delroy & Wallace – The 4th Session

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Teenage Dance Party #52 – Birth of Krautlife

In Episode #52 of the Teenage Dance Party we are celebrating the birth of Krautlife, a need genre prepared to take the world by storm, combining elements of german Krautrock and west-african Highlife likewise. Futher Max Weissenfeld talks about his latest discoveries and new developments through his label Philophon.

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On The Move Vol.6 – E-40 in da House

Laid Back – Bakerman
Naughty NMX & Runex – Check Minnies Love (Brexit Mix)
House Of Pain – Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix)
E-40 – Spittin‘
E-40 feat. B-Legit & Celly Cel – H.I. Double L.
EPMD – It’s Your Thing
Quincy Jones – Call Me Mr Tibbs
Aswad – Warrior Charge
Ahmad Jamal Trio – Misty
Ruby Rushton – Moonlight Woman
Elsie Bianchi Trio – Take Five
Peru Jazz – Salon De Baile

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Airplay Dates

This posts keeps you up to date on the upcoming broadcasts of On The Move and The Teenage Dance Party. And other possible appearances of Slow Pete. You will find it as well under the link section to the right.

  • 26.Oct.2017, 21:30-23.00,The Teenage Dance Party
  • 3. Nov.2017, 22:00-23.00, On The Move
  • 16.Nov.2017, 18:00-19:00, On The Move
  • 23.Nov.2017, 21:30-23.00,The Teenage Dance Party

On The Move X Paranoise Radio

I am delighted to anounce that Paranoise Radio takes over On The Move for its 10th season. The greek collective is running a web radio since 2008, is organizing and sponsoring several events and hosts a blog featuring a podcast and several reviews.

On The Move’s first broadcasting will be on the 19th of October 18:00h Berlin time, 19:00h Athens time. From then onwards it is aired on a 4 weekly basis, dates will be anounced here.

On The Move Vol.5 – Poor & Clean

Jah Devon aka Val Bennett – 5 Of Them
Johnny Clarke – Fittest Of The Fittest
The Aggrovators – Can’t Get It (Version)
Bongo Hermann & Bunny – Know For I
Talent Crew – Jerusalem Rock
Gregory Isaacs – Poor & Clean
African Head Charge – Stone Charge
We – Second Hand Science
Die Orangen – The Metal Man From Glenrowan
Tropical Hi-Fi – Tahiti Blue
Desmond Denker – Unter den Lebenden
Misha Panfilov Sound Combo – Solar Blast
Abdou El Omari – Layali Saif
Tony Allen – Cool Cats
Susana Estrada – Mi Chico Favorito
Yuri Petrovski – True

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Grumpy Jamaican Records Vol.4

Teenage Dance Party #51


Teebs – You’ve Changed
Bugseed & Illsugi – Get Paid
Bugseed & Illsugi – Hustle And Bustle
Kenny Keys – Shot in the dark
Kenny Keys – Red Clip
Didaflo – Doodooloops
Desmond Denker – Unter den Lebenden
Jeen Bassa – Bassacada
Tropical Hi-Fi – Suboceania
Ursula Bogner – Atmospärische Energie
Blameful Isles – Värt Att Tänka Pa
Dylan Stark – Daydream
Dylan Stark – Ashen
Le Motel – Epanda
Die Orangen – Museum of old and new art
Banana – Banana A
TLC Fam – Tribute to Nomfundo
Shlohmo – Hot Boxing The Cockpit
Prefuse 73 – Point To B
Freddy Joachim – Doin‘ It
Ugly Heroes – Peace of mind
Sivuca – Ain’t no sunshine (edit)
John Gary Williams – The whole world is going crazy
Misha Panfilou – Flaming

On The Move Vol.4 – Whatever

Banana – Banana A
G.E.S. – Nijo-jo
Aeolus – Cosmic Snail
Piri – Reza Brava
José Mauro – Apocalipse
Ruth Nyiramfumukoye & Patrick Manishimine – Umutesi
Unkonwn – Hunting Song
Rosine Nyiranshimiyimana – Umwana W’umuhanda
Bango – Rock Dream
Joy Unlimited – Suppression
Augenwasser – All I Could Do
Assim Assado – Na Boca Na Estrada
Herbert Dreilich & Pantha Rei – Tag & Nacht
Apotheke – Hi Baby Out

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On The Move Vol.3 – On The Moon


The Art Ensemble of Chicago – Rock Out
Steve Grossmann – Inmate Man
Tristano / Defranco – Marionette
Don Ellis Big Band – Go Back Home
Freundeskreis – Enfants Terribles International feat. Deborah
Fünf Sterne Deluxe – Will Smith, Meer Gayne? (feat. Biz Markie)
Cazal Boys – Snatchin‘ Cazals
Jay U Experience – Baby Rock
Mac & Party – Harambe
The Apagya Showband – Tamfo Nyi Ekyir
John Holt – Jam In The Street
Winston Francis – Mr. Fix It
Junior Byles – Beat Down Babylon
Ray I – Weatherman Skank

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