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Youre Gonna Miss Me (2005)

This is the astonishing story of Roger „Roky“ Erickson, a man known only to few. In terms of innovation in the field of music easily on the same level as Jimi Hendrix or Jim Morrison, Erickson survived all the madness, drugs and personal problems of the 60s and 70s, however at a high price. Recording […]

Music Is The Weapon

Diese Dokumentation überzeugt mit tiefen Einblicken in die Welt von Fela Kuti. Viele der Aufnahmen und Interviews entstanden direkt in der Kalakuta Republic, dem Wohnort von Fela und seinen 27 Frauen. Auch in den frühen 80ern ist dies noch ein sehr von Armut geprägter Ort und es wird schnell klar, dass Fela Kuti mit inzwischen […]


On the official imdb entry of the documentary on the Cartoonist Robert Crumb you can find the Taglines „Wierd Sex“ „Obsession“ and „Comic Books“ (in this order). This captures the plot of the story only rudimentary. Crumb sketches the character of the cartoonist quite comprehensively, and if you ever stumbled upon this man, you will […]

Krush Groove

Most of the cast starring in Krush Groove is known to the hiphop aficionado. We got Kurtis Blow, Run DMC and the Fatboys, all of them playing themselves. There is Rick Rubin, playing a character named Rick. On the female side we got Shelia E. as herself, acting as the female counterpart. None of this […]