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Teenage Dance Party #53

Jilk – Nim
Lapalux – Rotted Arp
Hanami – Fruition
Dizz1 – Here we go again
Fulgeance – Tribute to Masekela
Kankick – The West Turn
Dabrye ft. MF Doom – Air (Kode9 Remix)
L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae – The Underworld
Twit One – Lecko Mio
Tendts – I Met A Girl
Lil Silva – First Mark
Slugabed – Infinite Wave
Bicep – Spring
Esgar – Shockwave
Mikeal – Nuthin‘ a come
Art & Naram – Honeybadger Riddim
Max Romeo – Rent Crisis
The Wiseguys – Ooh la la
Bicep – Glue
Brand New Heavies – Sometimes feat. Q-Tip (Ummah Remix)
Tutu Sweeney – Party in the ghetto
Timbre Timbre – Black Water


On The Move Vol.7 – Too Much Sake

Nathan Davis Sextett – Makatuka
Vijay Iyer Sextett – For Amiri Baraka
Fats Navarro – Double Talk
Horace Silver Quintet – To Much Sake
John Gary Williams – The Whole Damn World Is Going Crazy
Charlene & The Soul Serenaders – Can You Win
The Montclairs – Hey You, Don’t Fight It
Misha Panfilov – Öueuni
Augustus Pablo – Rockers Mood
Johnny Clarke – Legalize It
Max Romeo – War In A Babylon
The Gladiators – Bongo Red
Bongo Hermann – In The Ghetto
Matteo meets Delroy & Wallace – The 4th Session

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Teenage Dance Party #52 – Birth of Krautlife

In Episode #52 of the Teenage Dance Party we are celebrating the birth of Krautlife, a need genre prepared to take the world by storm, combining elements of german Krautrock and west-african Highlife likewise. Futher Max Weissenfeld talks about his latest discoveries and new developments through his label Philophon.

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On The Move Vol.6 – E-40 in da House

Laid Back – Bakerman
Naughty NMX & Runex – Check Minnies Love (Brexit Mix)
House Of Pain – Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix)
E-40 – Spittin‘
E-40 feat. B-Legit & Celly Cel – H.I. Double L.
EPMD – It’s Your Thing
Quincy Jones – Call Me Mr Tibbs
Aswad – Warrior Charge
Ahmad Jamal Trio – Misty
Ruby Rushton – Moonlight Woman
Elsie Bianchi Trio – Take Five
Peru Jazz – Salon De Baile

On The Move X Paranoise Radio

I am delighted to anounce that Paranoise Radio takes over On The Move for its 10th season. The greek collective is running a web radio since 2008, is organizing and sponsoring several events and hosts a blog featuring a podcast and several reviews.

On The Move’s first broadcasting will be on the 19th of October 18:00h Berlin time, 19:00h Athens time. From then onwards it is aired on a 4 weekly basis, dates will be anounced here.

On The Move Vol.5 – Poor & Clean

Jah Devon aka Val Bennett – 5 Of Them
Johnny Clarke – Fittest Of The Fittest
The Aggrovators – Can’t Get It (Version)
Bongo Hermann & Bunny – Know For I
Talent Crew – Jerusalem Rock
Gregory Isaacs – Poor & Clean
African Head Charge – Stone Charge
We – Second Hand Science
Die Orangen – The Metal Man From Glenrowan
Tropical Hi-Fi – Tahiti Blue
Desmond Denker – Unter den Lebenden
Misha Panfilov Sound Combo – Solar Blast
Abdou El Omari – Layali Saif
Tony Allen – Cool Cats
Susana Estrada – Mi Chico Favorito
Yuri Petrovski – True

Grumpy Jamaican Records Vol.4

Teenage Dance Party #51


Teebs – You’ve Changed
Bugseed & Illsugi – Get Paid
Bugseed & Illsugi – Hustle And Bustle
Kenny Keys – Shot in the dark
Kenny Keys – Red Clip
Didaflo – Doodooloops
Desmond Denker – Unter den Lebenden
Jeen Bassa – Bassacada
Tropical Hi-Fi – Suboceania
Ursula Bogner – Atmospärische Energie
Blameful Isles – Värt Att Tänka Pa
Dylan Stark – Daydream
Dylan Stark – Ashen
Le Motel – Epanda
Die Orangen – Museum of old and new art
Banana – Banana A
TLC Fam – Tribute to Nomfundo
Shlohmo – Hot Boxing The Cockpit
Prefuse 73 – Point To B
Freddy Joachim – Doin‘ It
Ugly Heroes – Peace of mind
Sivuca – Ain’t no sunshine (edit)
John Gary Williams – The whole world is going crazy
Misha Panfilou – Flaming

On The Move Vol.4 – Whatever

Banana – Banana A
G.E.S. – Nijo-jo
Aeolus – Cosmic Snail
Piri – Reza Brava
José Mauro – Apocalipse
Ruth Nyiramfumukoye & Patrick Manishimine – Umutesi
Unkonwn – Hunting Song
Rosine Nyiranshimiyimana – Umwana W’umuhanda
Bango – Rock Dream
Joy Unlimited – Suppression
Augenwasser – All I Could Do
Assim Assado – Na Boca Na Estrada
Herbert Dreilich & Pantha Rei – Tag & Nacht
Apotheke – Hi Baby Out

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On The Move Vol.3 – On The Moon


The Art Ensemble of Chicago – Rock Out
Steve Grossmann – Inmate Man
Tristano / Defranco – Marionette
Don Ellis Big Band – Go Back Home
Freundeskreis – Enfants Terribles International feat. Deborah
Fünf Sterne Deluxe – Will Smith, Meer Gayne? (feat. Biz Markie)
Cazal Boys – Snatchin‘ Cazals
Jay U Experience – Baby Rock
Mac & Party – Harambe
The Apagya Showband – Tamfo Nyi Ekyir
John Holt – Jam In The Street
Winston Francis – Mr. Fix It
Junior Byles – Beat Down Babylon
Ray I – Weatherman Skank

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